🎄David Choi🎄

#TheDavidChoiChristmasAlbum Support on iTunes - https://t.co/j88AGNMuj1 Listen on Spotify - https://t.co/AIy0tMBGVG

Happy bday @slopsmcgee!!!!!!

I asked @danbilzerian for a picture and he said "alright". Then I took one. #storiesofyousandme… https://t.co/ieCiAtu1ZO

Bye Vidcon, it was fun.

Flies fly...birds don't bird

Me too https://t.co/obZYQ1nUVH

Ok, coming over right now...but why did you ANNOUNCE IT?!?!?! Now I need to ninja my way over there... https://t.co/vIGyfKspwN

I'm at @VidCon who's here?

Performing at #vidcon tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Festival Stage! What should I play?

I got a fidget spinner this past weekend and I totally get it now. I'm developing a habit and I like it. Help.

Happy 아버지 day!!!

Looking forward to experiencing #EDC for the first time.

Yes! https://t.co/h2ZwpCUhvW

Should I go to EDC?

What happened to the good ol standard handshake? People confusing me with their own versions making me feel all awkward and not current.

I call that the @FloydMayweather vs @TheNotoriousMMA fight will be cancelled last minute.

Happy birthday @DereLeektv!!! Glad to call you friend!!! Everyone go spam him happy birthday wishes!!

Be kind.

I believe in you.

This is why my stories are so matter of fact...I use facts, no embellishments. That's bad huh? Makes life less "wow" and more "oh".

"Oh there were like 1000 people there"...me: uh more like 500..."oh it was like 2 hours long"...me: more like 10 minutes...I'm about facts.

I always ruin people's stories when they exaggerate certain events or situations where I was actually present at lol...

Millennial Love #3 on trending!! Let's make it #1!! https://t.co/jBpgy4M2Lp @TheRealRyanHiga & @kinagrannis

Shout outs to @Skrillex for playing at @coachella where @kinagrannis & @TheRealRyanHiga first fell in love..wup wup https://t.co/jBpgy4M2Lp

Hey Millennial's! Listen to this country love song I wrote w/ @kinagrannis @imaginarytweets & @TheRealRyanHiga! https://t.co/8rhuscjFRn

Nice...@taylorswift13 releases her songs for streaming the same night @katyperry releases her album. And the bad blood feud continues.

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