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It’s true...the @McDonald’s in Japan is very very good.


I miss music.

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Yup, I'm going to Tokyo in 12 hours and I plan on eating everything in my path.

Talked about Hawaii with someone today. I want to go back. I love the people, the food, the vibe. Everything.

Learn how to read in between the lines when people talk. What they choose to talk about and how they say things says a lot.

I’ve been working on something for a LONG TIME. A secret project. Something different. I’m almost ready to share it. 2018.

Police officers will have a tough time with this one. https://t.co/1yHiL7RjG5


I don't know a lot of things, but I REALLY know what I know...but who knows if I really know what I know but me...ya know?

Would you rather have the government take a % of your income, save it for you, and give it back when you're old (no… https://t.co/mtJhYkojkT

Who would show up at your funeral and feel empty that you’re gone? Those are your real friends and family.

I’m trying to 🚀but things around me are 🛴🤦🏻‍♂️

I want ice cream there https://t.co/ZqcrYl804v

I still do not understand grown adults who eat their boogers while they’re driving... I have seen this happen more… https://t.co/SIYVeYWJWa

Rollerskating is back

Appreciate you and thanks for the support! Enjoy :) https://t.co/Vt4q4EU0WF

I made an @Amazon influencer page for fun and listed all of the EXCELLENT purchases I've made. Things I currently o… https://t.co/ZHTUW86WfF

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