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Hey @SamuelJuhn & @DanielJuhn should we remake this? Do you guys even have the amount of energy from 10 years ago? https://t.co/t5ujikAtUh

Digging @justinbieber's new song "Friends"

Honored to have my song "Little More Time" in @JustinChon's movie "GOOK". Please support this amazing movie THIS WE… https://t.co/MaJDDSgzLo

❤️ https://t.co/0YScPMwS8M

I wonder what would happen if I went to show some love to the KKK. Baked them cookies or somethin. U think they'd like me a little bit more?

I also wonder if those who hate are the ones who need ❤️ the most. Can you fight hate w/ hate? I guess you can..but they'll just get angrier

there will always be consequences to be dealt with. That is all.

& when I say "it's fine"..it's because I believe people have a human right to believe what they want - even racists...but like I said...

...just don't express it to me or people I care about because there will be consequences to your actions.

I'm against all ACTS of hatred & intolerance. However, if you keep it inside, that's fine....

Musicians, It's okay to be influenced and to imitate because eventually, you will find your own sound - but own it like it's yours.

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Congrats to @justinchon for the premiere of his movie GOOK! Next week is the OPENING! Make sure you support in theaters! My song at the end!

See you soon in Virginia! https://t.co/l2BqRPEizl

Good shoot day with @robertoraad. Ate a little. #vegasdotcom #aria #vegas https://t.co/0AZ652Ugkp

Worst @united flight experience in a very very long time and I've been 1k. Sigh. So tired I can't even explain. Maybe I should try @Delta

Ok whew we're going. Goodnight. https://t.co/CRL02EzmL1

Omg...the pilot said there's a problem and they'll update us about it in 30 min...please work plane. Don't be broken like yesterday...😐

And if you game your score, you can no longer write articles ever again unless it's on your own website.

There should be a rating score next to names of people who write articles and more than two competing agencies that validate the scores.

Get your tickets! https://t.co/Wpksrhx2XE https://t.co/dSMuFqGIm8

Guy the hotel room next to mine singing Despacito loudly...you really can't escape this song...it follows you everywhere you go.

Bad news...flight home cancelled. Good news...more Korean food.

Such a nice break from being in LA where everyone is focused on the hustle.

Besides Korea being super hot this trip, it was all worth it just to see 👵🏻

Going to see @ytfbromance in October!!! https://t.co/PY50TRg1Z8

I realized I can take long flights and drives really well now even without my phone because I can entertain myself with my own thoughts

Said bye to grandma. 😥 Hope to see her next time.

Almost there!!!

Korea is hotter and grosser than Singapore. Help me.

Ate some KBBQ w/ @cathythekimchi https://t.co/vQtET6D1Ys

Haha great job @wongfupro https://t.co/UALwKhGQ54

Happiest of birthdays to @kinagrannis!!!

Bye SG see you soon Korea!

See you :) https://t.co/ki4NJh2Rcd

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