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Entertainer, Magician & YouTuber. Americas Got Talent Finalist! 30 city tour w/Demi Lovato! ❀️ my #Keypers Instagram/Snapchat/Vine/Facebook: @CollinsKey

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 16

The moment my family leaves the house I start blasting music as loud as I can!!! 🀘🀘🀘

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 15

I’m NEVER taking a girl on a date to a scary movie!! Like literally the SMALLEST things would make me jump πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 14

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Collins Key ‏ @Oct 13

Hoping that this counteracts any Friday the 13th bad luck πŸ˜…

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 11

Thank you so much β€οΈπŸ™

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 08

Me: Relationships are over rated Also me: I NEED A GIRLFRIEND

Collins Key ‏ @Oct 07

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Collins Key ‏ @Sep 30

Has anyone ever tried eating cold food in a hot shower? It sounds like a pretty overwhelming experience

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 27

Ayyyyy go team!!! @ATT @ATTHelloLab πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 27

You guys are GOALS πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 27

WE WON A FREAKING #streamys award!!!!!!! Thank you so much #Keypers and a HUGE THANK YOU to @ATT & @ATTHelloLab for making this possible β€οΈπŸ™

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 24

Do you ever walk into a room but then completely forget why you went in there...? Lowkey think I'm going crazy πŸ˜…

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 23


Collins Key ‏ @Sep 23

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Collins Key ‏ @Sep 22

I wanna get a giant group of people together to play hide & go seek tag!!!!! Who’s down??

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 22

It takes me 10 minuets to pack my suitcase but a month to unpack it πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 19

I think I'm the only person in LA who didn't feel the #earthquake! I don't know if I should be feeling blessed or left out...

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 18

Someone just sent me $900 in cash!! No note, name or anything... So whoever sent this... THANK YOU 😜

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 17

Thank you!! Y'all are getting close to 2M πŸŽ‰πŸ€˜

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 15

Thank you so much!!! Miss y'all ❀️

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 15

Hahahahahah this is an accurate reenactment of @DevanKey & I did when we hit 7M πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 15

Words can't even describe how grateful I am for our #KeyperFamily!!!! 7M STRONG!!!!! THATS INSANE!!!!!!! Thank you…

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 13

Thank you so much for 300k πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ LIKE this tweet for a FOLLOW!!!

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Collins Key ‏ @Sep 09

My mom is LITERALLY wearing one of my shirts as a dress rn πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 05

Seeing Hamilton tonight and IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 04

Somehow stumbled across a compilation of cute couple videos... That was a bad idea... VERY BAD IDEA #ImASuperSinglePringle

Collins Key ‏ @Sep 03


Collins Key ‏ @Sep 03

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Collins Key ‏ @Sep 01

Happy Birthday @Zendaya πŸŽ‰

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 27

Well someone just broke into our car... How's your Sunday going?

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 26

LIKE + RETWEET & REPLY to my LAST TWEET with Pics & Videos from ALL 5 weeks of #DCFriYay for a FOLLOW / DM ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 26

#KeyperSquad we DID IT!!!!!!!! Thank you @Zendaya for the certificates!! Reply to this tweet with your favorite Pic…

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 26

Basically ended up spitting water all over @DevanKey... I'd say things are going pretty well πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 26

Doin my little happy dance cause WE ARE ON @DisneyChannel πŸ˜‚

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 26

That's because we are... MASTERS OF DISGUISE 😎 #DCFriYay

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 23

I wish summer lasted a few months longer

Collins Key ‏ @Aug 21

Those skittles crayons actually look amazing!!! So much fun seeing you guys doing the DIYs at home ❀️

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