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Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 27

Blair broke her arm clean in half Ice skating. She's in a lot of pain, go send her love :( #GetWellSoonBlair https://t.co/XplVsriyJT

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 24

New Vlog! https://t.co/uIeY4RU5GY

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 21

New Vlog! https://t.co/XOI7KwuknR

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 19

12 Days of Vlogmas Day 5 is up! https://t.co/gSgWMFVcdT

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 17

My new Vlogmas is up!! https://t.co/efmsiTMhIa

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 17

Add me on Snapchat!!! https://t.co/HtVFovwUVT

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 15

No Vlog tonight but there will be one tomorrow!! I'm vlogging today but I won't have time to edit tonight so it will go up tomorrow :D

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 15

12 Days of Vlogmas Day 2 is up! https://t.co/xWXQAhgaXT

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 15

Vlogmas Day 2 is uploading!!!

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 14

12 Days of Vlogmas Day 1 is up! https://t.co/B51NziGWJy

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 13

For those of you wondering, I've done this half-Vlogmas 12 days thing for a few years now :)

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 13

Tomorrow starts Vlogmas!! Also I am uploading a video on my main channel right now... it's one of my FAVORITE types to film... any guesses?!

Elle Fowler ‏ @Dec 05

I need to go and buy a 2016 Booga before they sell out. I would be very sad. Has anyone gotten theirs yet this year?!

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