How It Works

Do you want Internet Influencers to advertise your brand, product or service to hundreds of millions of followers? Class15 makes it easy for you.

  • Create a Campaign or Let Us Manage Create a campaign. Describe what you want to promote. Provide links to your site or a video, and attach a campaign image. Even send your products directly to Influencers for shout-outs and selfies.
  • Choose the Influencers Search or browse the huge selection of Influencers by genre or interest. Choose the Influencers you want to make offers to.
  • Deposit Funds Once the Influencers respond to your offers and you accept them, you will be asked to deposit funds for each offer you made. Influencers are notified that the deal has been made.
  • Your Funds Your funds will be held in trust by Class15, until your campaign has been completed in full.
  • Paid to Class15 On completion of the campaign, funds in safekeeping are released to Influencers less 10%, which is paid to Class15 for services .
  • Funds Returned to You Should any Influencer not complete their work in full, funds allocated to that Influencer will be returned to you.
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